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Yvonne E – Wedding in Sompting, West Sussex.

A very belated Thank You to Claire for really, really doing a fabulous job on both my hair and my make-up for my wedding day back in April of this year. Everyone commented on how wonderful I looked and you could tell it wasn’t just the polite, every day, “oh the bride looks beautiful”. It was personal comments like “its ridiculous, I was looking at you from across there and you only look in your 20’s”- not bad considering I turn 60 this week!! In my wedding photographs that a couple of people showed other people, they had remarks like “has she had work done” (flipping cheek)! Hahaha. No, seriously Claire you did a fabulous job, I felt amazing, people say I looked amazing and everything was perfect. The whole experience. Even my hair, which is very fine, as you know; people thought I had a hairpiece in. That is how good you made my hair look. I would not have changed a thing. THANK YOU.

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