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Tips For Having Fabulous Eyebrows

Claire often gets asked  what she  thinks is the most important part of the face. I’m sure every makeup artist has a different opinion on this, but  she feels it is eyebrows and that seems to surprise a lot of people. Later in this post I will be exploring this subject in a  bit more detail. First here is a round up of just some of the amazing work from our talented team of stylists.

Stylists’ Photos


Our  skilful Sussex based stylist Elloise worked at a wedding in Surrey last week, at the incredible Wotton House With a stunning 17th century exterior and history, 13 acres of Italian gardens, Roman temples and manicured lawns there is a lot to like about this gorgeous venue.

photo of Wotton House

Wotton House

Elloise created this lovely look for the mother of the groom, who looks just beautiful.

Photo of Mother of the Groom

Mother of the Groom

And here is a pretty bridesmaid!

photo of smiling blonde bridesmaid

Pretty bridesmaid


Carlos is our talented stylist in London and he worked with this stunning bride to be at her wedding hair and makeup trial creating these wonderful looks. I wonder which one she will choose for her big day?


Have Amazing Eyebrows

You see, you can do a fabulous face of makeup but if you neglect your eyebrows, it’s left looking unfinished and unpolished. Well defined eyebrows can totally change the look of your face  and they add so much character to a face that Claire feels like it’s one of the first things that you should try to tackle when you’re interested in make-up. The importance of a well defined eyebrow has been massively underestimated till recent years, they frame & highlight your face and just finish your whole look off.   In the 1950’s greater emphasis was made as highlighted below, with this iconic eyebrows from Hollywood leading ladies .



Audrey Hepburn

See what a difference it would make without her definitive eyebrows…….


Audrey eyebrow-less …… Eeeeeeek!

Here are some tips to help make the most of yours;

Arch the Right Way: Lots of us pluck the arch of our brows into the wrong place and that works against us. To know where it should be, grab a pencil and hold it parallel to the outer edge of your iris. The point where the pencil hits your brow is where your arch should be.

Stopping Point: Your eyebrows should end at the same place where your brow bone does. If they’re shorter they’ll look oddly rectangular. Too long? You run the risk of looking droopy eyed — not a good look.

Step Away from the Tweezers: Experts agree that over-plucking is a bad idea and recommend that you tweeze only once every three weeks! And, when you do pluck, pull out only one hair at a time.

Lighten Up!: A lot of women use eyebrow pencils in entirely the wrong shade — namely too dark. A good rule of thumb is that you want to go with a colour that’s a shade or two lighter than the colour of your hair. (Go with what your current hair colour is, not what you were born with.)

Lastly, if you want to have amazing brows, pay a professional to do it.  Do yourself a massive favour and do it. Even if it’s only to get them professionally shaped.


Well defined eyebrows

Advent Calendars

Lastly, it is fast approaching that time of year again….. Christmas! There are some really gorgeous beauty based advent calendars out there this year. Here are just a few of my favourites.

I just love L’Occitane  and their Classic Beauty Advent Calendar is just the best

L'occitane Classic Beauty Advent Calenda

L’occitane Classic Beauty Advent Calendar

Beauty company, Look Fantastic have produced a truly gorgeous advent calendar, complete with mirror and drawers.

Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar

Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar

For sheer sumptuous luxury Decleor’s gorgeous advent calendar is just the ticket

Decleor's Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Decleor’s Limited Edition Advent Calendar

24 Days of Clinique is also a firm favourite.

advent calndar form Clinique

24 Days of Clinique


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