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Photo of bride leaning oon doorframe, she is smiling and wearing a white lace dress

Stress Free Wedding Tips

Feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed about planning your wedding? You are not alone in this. Wedding stress often ruins what should be the happiest day of our life. Later in this post I have written a few pre wedding stress management tips.

Firstly a round up of some of the amazing work that our talented stylists have been doing.

Stylists’ Photos


Our fabulous creative director Claire worked on two really lovely weddings last weekend. Firstly here is beautiful bride Margaux who got married in Mayfair. The gorgeous shade of blue of er dress really brings out the colour of her eyes, I think she looks stunning.

Close up of bride, wearing sky blue dree, with brown hair, ha;f up , half down and pale red lipstick

Lovely Margaux

Close up photo of long broen haired bride, the back of her hair has a white flower

Margaux’s hair detail


Full lenght photo of brunette bride in blue dress, hildi g bouquet and smiling

Beautiful in blue

Claire also worked with pretty bride Annette. Here are photos of Claire’s work for the blushing bride and her mother. Both ladies look lovely!

Photo of bride in white dreaa with her train over her arm. Dress has lace sleeves and topof bodice, bride has light brown long hair

Radiant bride Annette

Photo of bride leaning oon doorframe, she is smiling and wearing a white lace dress

Smiling bride

photo of smiling mothet of the bride, white bobbed hair, blue flowery dress

Lovely Mother of the Bride

Annette got married at the Brands Hatch Hotel . Built in 1806, this  elegant, red bricked Georgian mansion is set within 12 acres of lush countryside in Kent. Despite being just five minutes from the M20, Brandshatch Place is set back from any roads in attractive gardens, creating a sense of rural tranquillity which is just perfect for your wedding. Add to that the amazing customer service offered here and you have perfect ingredients for your special day!

photo of brands Hatch Place hotel , wedding venue and spa

Brands Hatch Place Hote


Elloise our talented Sussex based stylist also assisted Claire in London for Margaux’s wedding. She created gorgeous hair and make up for the maid of honour.

2 photos of long blonde haired maid of honour , wearing burgundy dress . Head & shoulders only

Maid of Honour

And hair for the rest of the lucky bridesmaids

1 large and 3 small images of the back of bridesmaid's' hair , 4 different women a variety of styles

Bridesmaids’ hair detail

Elloise also created this really pretty look for another bridesmaid last week

2 images of brunette bridesmaid, 1 with et=yes closed, smling, hair down wearing purple flowered top

Gorgeous make up detail

photo of back of brunette bridesmaid's he]air, long curls and a white flower detail

Pretty natural flowers

Tips for reducing wedding stress

First, stop. Breathe. Think. Ask yourself, Is it worth getting upset over this particular issue? Keep in mind that not everything needs a reaction (or, at least, an immediate action). Give yourself the time to figure out what to do. And since defensiveness breeds defensiveness, try not to be defensive about your reaction. A cool, calm, and deliberate response is more likely to get the results you want than if you respond in an angry way.

Here’s another way to relieve stress. A therapist-friend of mine told me about a handy trick she advises to some of her clients. Put a rubber band on your wrist; whenever you begin to feel anxious, if unpleasant thoughts pop into your head, or things just don’t go right for the moment, snap the band. That helps to bring you back to the moment. It may sound silly, but it works.

Avoid living off caffeine and similar stimulants and take B vitamins . These are known to help the body process stress hormones  more efficiently.

Another good stress reliever? Exercise. Whether you it’s at the gym, at home, or outside, just get moving. A workout brings out endorphins, which helps make you feel better. Of course, you’ll also maintain your trim figure for that gorgeous wedding gown later on!

Learn to accept situations that you cannot change (like family members who don’t get on) and change the situations that are in your control (such as how much you spend).

Finally and maybe most importantly Realise your wedding day is about enjoying the occasion and not about it being perfect. Perfectionism is a guaranteed way to increase your stress and anxiety levels.

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