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Sadie B – Brighton, East Sussex

I first met Claire In December 2014 during my pre-wedding make up trial. I am someone who knows very little about make up and it’s ability to ‘transform’ a persons appearance. Since meeting Claire I am not sure why I have not really honoured all the chances I have had to get dressed up or to honour the mundanity of the everyday with make up as I would like to look this good everyday! Claire was exceptionally gentle with me once I explained this to her, and she was able to interpret my ideas and wishes for my wedding day very intuitively. Claire paid attention to every detail and because I felt comfortable with her I felt able to discuss some of the things that were worrying me about the day, such as some of the changes my skin has undergone in my late thirties such as redness, occasional rosacea and darker patches. Planning my wedding and working full time as a nurse was a stressful time, I can remember that I did not really start to feel excited about the big day until I had my trial and then came a feeling of ‘I can do this’! Because I had already made a lovely connection with Claire I was so happy to see her on my wedding morning, she is an inspirational person, and a loving soul who managed to centre me as I was was very nervous. Claire managed to make me look fantastic, better than I had hoped for, even after a sleepless night and the worst rosacea I’ve ever had flared up! Our wedding then went of without a hitch and I did have the best day of my life! I am glad the stress of the event has passed now, and the feeling of being married is such a special gift, yet I am really quite sad I do not have a reason to see Claire again! I would recommend her to anyone and I will always be grateful to her for what she did for me. Another entirely different gift. THANK YOU Claire xx


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