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Lovely bride Lucy and her daughter

New Year Makeup Tips

Keeping the blog short and sweet this week!  After the excesses of Christmas we now have New Years Eve celebrations to look forward to.  This is the one time of year we all want to shine  and look amazing, so here are 7 top makeup tips!!! – enjoy all!!  First of all here are some of my favourite photos from the last year by our talented team of stylists.

Stylists’ Photos

Lucy had her hair and make up done by our fantastic creative director Claire. I just love this picture of the beautiful bride and her daughter!

Lovely bride Lucy and her daughter

Lovely bride Lucy and her daughter

Our  amazing London based stylist crested this stunning hair and makeup look as one of several for this gorgeous bride. Her wedding lasted four days in India and she  had a variety of amazing looks, each as stunning as the last.

Classic Beauty, hair & make up by Carlos

Classic Beauty, hair & make up by Carlos

Here is gorgeous bride Rosie making her vows with her lucky groom. Our incredible stylist Holly created her hair and makeup look

Lovely bride Rosie and her groom courtesy of Kevin Belson

Lovely bride Rosie and her groom courtesy of Kevin Belson

Wedding season begins with a a vengeance in the spring. I think this pretty photo of beautiful spring bride Rosie epitomises this . Our wonderful stylist Elloise created this look.

Lovely Spring Bride Rosie

Or fabulous stylist Kate was part of a wonderful crew on a beach wedding themed fashion shoot in the summer . She created hair and makeup looks for lovely model Natasha. This is one 0f my favourite images.

Stunning photo by Vine House Studios. Hair & makeup by Kate

Stunning photo by Vine House Studios. Hair & makeup by Kate

Our skilled stylist Cheney who joined the team this year created lovely hair and makeup for Natalie’s big day. This is such a happy picture!

Radiant Bride Natalie

Radiant Bride Natalie photo courtesy of Rachel Luckhurst

You can look forward to lots more such gorgeous photos from our incredible team in 2018.

Makeup Tips From Claire.

1. Eyes before the skin:
It is a common question during the makeup process, which goes first? The eyes or the skin? Personally, I believe in order to achieve perfect and flawless skin, the eyes should be completed first. The  reason being, that I’m sure many makeup artists also find eyeshadow residue (especially with smokey eyes) fall under the eyes which must be wiped away and therefore may ruin the foundation if already applied.
2. White eyeliner vs. Black eyeliner:
Everyone loves to wear a bit of black eyeliner to intensify and shape the under eye. However, many people forget about the brilliance of white eyeliner. You can use this to brighten and open up the inside of your eyes, but you can also use it on the brow bone and under the eyes to highlight your facial features.
3. Less is more with mature ladies:
A common misconception for the more mature ladies, is that the older they are, the more makeup they need. However all this can do sometimes is make your makeup look more unnatural. I would recommend using a light foundation, (such as face and body by MAC), instead of a heavy matte foundation. Natural colours tend to suit the skin best, such as browns and pinks, as oppose to blues etc.
4. Pluck properly ladies!
One thing as a makeup artist I often notice, is when people neglect their eyebrows. I can’t stress enough the difference the shape of your eyebrows makes to your face or your expressions. Make sure you achieve the correct arch and thickness in proportion to your eyes. These tips can be found in many places online!
5. Contouring:
Many people don’t know about the wonders of contouring. We all feel a bit self conscious about some of our facial features, so if you want more defined cheek bones, thinner cheeks, bigger lips or a smaller nose, contouring is pure magic
6. Keeping your foundation intact:
Thinking about it, when applying your foundation in the morning, it has to last all through the day. That is why i would recommend purchasing a good powder (MAC or Chanel) to keep hold of your foundation.
7. Spider’s legs eyelashes
Some ladies feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of false eyelashes, and that it may look too unnatural. However, as oppose to full sets of eyelashes, you can purchase natural looking half lashes or individual lash inserts. This is a perfect way to just lengthening and thickening your eyelashes in a flattering way, without looking false.

All of us at CWH would like to wish you all a most joyful , prosperous and peaceful 2018! Happy New Year!

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