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photo of brunette bride and her blonde toddler daughter

Inspired Ideas for Outdoor Autumn Weddings

Autumn is most definitely  here, but that doesn’t mean that outside entertainment is a no-go when it comes to your weddingSummer and spring aren’t the only times you can organise an outdoor wedding. Indeed, autumn is a great season for taking your guests outdoors. The scenery is idyllic with colourful trees and the gentle, chilly autumn air is perfect for lighting up the fire pits and bringing out the blankets.Later in this blog  are some fun entertainment ideas for getting your guests outdoors and utilising unique outdoor venues. These ideas will work whether or not you hold the main wedding ceremony outdoors. But first here are just a few photos of some of the incredible work our wonderful team of stylists have been part of last week.

Stylists’ Photos


Our fabulous creative director Claire had the great privilege to work at a lovely wedding last weekend with stunning bride Lucy. Lucy got married at East Sussex National Golf Club. This fabulous venue has  a spectacular countryside setting with beautiful views across the South Downs.

East Sussex National Golf Club

East Sussex National Golf Club

Claire created pretty natural looks for Lucy and her bridesmaid.

photo of brunette bride

Pretty bride Lucy

Photo of brunette bride

Hair & make up by Claire

photo of back of bridesmaids head, brunette curls

Bridesmaid’s hair detail

And this has to be one of my favourite photos of the year, her is Lucy with her gorgeous blonde haired daughter!

photo of brunette bride and her blonde toddler daughter

Lovely Lucy and her daughter


Our super talented London based stylist Carlos created this incredible look for luck bride Musha . She looks gorgeous!

photo of bride

Beautiful bride Musha


Our skilled stylist Holly who covers the South West worked at Charlotte’s wedding last week at Winkworth Farm in Malmesbury. This is a fabulous venue in the Cotswolds and  is the perfect solution for brides and grooms wanting a stylish celebration while staying true to their green aspirations. In an idyllic corner of Wiltshire, the 12th-century farmstead set in 220 organically farmed acres, has been lovingly renovated by local builders and craftsmen to embrace its ancient past and introduce environmentally friendly modern technology.

Winkworth Farm

Winkworth Farm

Charlotte looked totally radiant after Holly had created this lovely look for her big day.

photo of bride with eyes closed

Lovely look for bride Charlotte

Charlotte’s wedding hair detail

photo of bride smiling

Radiant bride Charlotte

Holly also designed this lovely bridesmaid’s hair.

 Photo of back of blonde bridesmaids hair

Bridesmaid’s hair by Holly


Elloise is based in Brighton and covers a wide range of events in Sussex and the surrounding areas. Last year she worked on the TV series “Don’t Tell the Bride” and here are a couple of great shots from then.


photo of bride and groom with confetti

Gorgeous hair & make up work by Elloise

Photo of stylist Elloise hard at work on "Don't Tell the Bride"

Elloise hard at work on “Don’t Tell the Bride”

Elloise also created this gorgeous hair look for a lucky bridesmaid last weekend.

2 photos of back of bridesmid's hair

Bridesmaid’s hair detail


Ideas for Outdoor Autumn Weddings

A  Food Bar

Food bars are a popular feature of modern weddings and you could make them extra cosy for your outdoor, autumn wedding. You can serve mini hot dogs and corn on the cobs or have a full scale autumn barbeque.   Create a marshmallow dessert bar by having guests roast their marshmallows in big fire pits outdoors. You can include different sauces, candies and even some ice cream to go with the marshmallows you could have apple bobbing competitions too and in addition, have some mulled cider at hand for guests to enjoy while they cook the treats. Yummy !


Roasted marshmallows

Candlelit Dance floor

Hire a beautiful outdoor marquee for your wedding and set up the dancefloor outside. If you surround the tent with beautiful lanterns, you’ll have a stunningly romantic setting for the first dance. Dancing will get the guests all warm and fuzzy anyway, so the gentle breeze of the autumn air is unlikely to make guests feel cold. Just tell the DJ to turn up the beat if your guests begin shivering!


Candle lit dancefloor

A Pumpkin Carving Competition

Depending on your wedding guest list, you could either organise this entertainment solely for the (supervised!) kids or get adults involved as well. Get medium or small sized pumpkins and have your guests carve them. They can be as creative as they want and you can provide some cheap aprons for the guests to use for protecting their clothes. In the evening, you can light up the pumpkins and provide a lovely gift for the winning pumpkin carver!


Pumpkin carving

Fireworks Display

The darker autumn nights open up the opportunity for a lovely fireworks display. Fireworks at weddings are a great way to offer entertainment for both young and old guests. Fireworks can be organised in a number of wedding venues across the country – just check with your venue before you book the display as to whether they have restrictions regarding time and noise.If you are just popping out for the display, you could provide each guest with a lovely blanket to keep warm.

Many firework companies offer a special wedding day package. One fabulous firm is Essex based Dynamic Fireworks.


Fireworks to proclaim your love!

A Merry-Go-Round

A circus theme is perfect for a quirky autumn wedding. Even if you don’t want the wedding to have a full fairground theme, at least have a beautiful merry-go-round for your outdoor venue. This will provide a stunning backdrop for taking fun wedding photos and it’s again something young and old guests will enjoy! As the evening gets darker, the bright lights will bring plenty of joy to your wedding guests.

Some venues even boast their own carousel, one such is wonderful Preston Court in Canterbury

Carousel on Brighton Seafront

Carousel on Brighton Seafront

There are so many beautiful things around at this time of year to inspire you for your autumnal wedding celebrations.

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