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Photo os smiling blonde bride in profile

Hen Parties

Nowadays it would be pretty unheard of to get married and not have a hen party or stag do in order to celebrate the final free moments before you tie the knot. Consequently we’ve heard of some pretty unusual hen party events along the way from perfume creation to go kart racing! But why is it called a hen party ? And where did these parties originate from?  Brighton where our head office is based, is hen party capital and each spring the streets are awash with excited brides to be and their closest friends. More about this later in the blog, but first , as usual. here are a few photos of just some of the amazing work our busy team of stylists have been involved in this week.

Stylists’ Photos


Lucy is one of our talented stylists who covers the Sussex area. She sent through this stunning photo of Laura on her big day. Lucy created stunning bridal curls for her.

Photo os smiling blonde bride in profile

Lovely Laura

Laura got wed at the glorious  18th century Georgian Manor – Stanmer House in Brighton.

Lucy was also busy at a wedding day trial for a stunning bride to be, Hannah. I love the lovely flowers and flowing veil.

photo of back of bride to be, wearing white wedding dress, veil , brunette hair with flowers

Hannah’s Bridal trial hair


Elloise is also part of our super skilled Sussex team and she worked with a bevy of beautiful bridesmaids  last week. Here are just a couple of photos.

2 close u[ photos of smoky eye make up

Gorgeous smoky eyes

2 photos of make up deatail, bronze smiky eye shadow, punk lipstick

More excellent work from Elloise

Black and white beauty


Hen Parties

Despite what we think in the 21st Century, the word hen hasn’t always meant female chicken, in middle English, hen could mean the female of any bird and so a hen party was a party exclusively for ladies. Similarly a stag could mean the male of any animal and was also a term just reserved for the male of the species.

Hen celebrations could  have their roots more grounded in North African, Middle Eastern and Asian lifestyle. This is because the authentic phrase from which hens get together is believed to be henna, which is a wedding custom in all these cultures. Henna has significant importance in the East and is considered to have tendencies to be capable of purifying the bride and hold her risk-free from evil.

In fact in Western culture,  the practice of a dedicated party for the bride has  really only been around for the last 60 years. The first time the term was recorded was in America in 1897 and the act of a hen party as a concept has only been around since the 19th century. It was not until the social awakening of the 1960’s, however, that women started joining in with the men and partying before a wedding.

Here are a few ideas  for slightly different hen parties.

Mobile Spa Party


Who doesn’t love a good pampering session? Ladies who love the relaxation of being pampered and primed to perfection will jump for joy when they find out you’re having a mobile spa hen party. This entails a fully qualified beauty therapist coming to a location of your choice and carrying out a pamper session for you all.

Here is a link to just one of the companies that offers this service

Create Your Own Perfume

Have a creative hen party at home with the mobile perfume making hen party. Create your own signature fragrance with your best friend , all with the guidance of an experienced instructor. An instructor will come straight to you in your home,  or private city centre venue with all of the ingredients you’ll need to make some sweet smelling perfumes. There are several companies around and here is one.

Dress Up Photo Shoot

What better way to kick off a fun night than to get all dolled up and have a retro, vintage or themed mini photoshoot? It’s the ultimate in girly-girl fun  – bubbles and pampering, a fun vintage dress up box and then giggles with the girls in front of the camera. Choose from a full styled photoshoot complete with costumes in a studio, to make up and champagne in your hotel room with the added bonus of a beautiful set of images to capture this special time.

Phase Photography in Brighton offers an amazing service.

Glamping HenParties


A glamping hen party mixes the glitz and glamour of boutique hotels with the wide open spaces and freedom of a  festival. So music loving hens can create their own mini hen party festival to give the bride-to-be a glamping hen do to remember.\

This company ( amongst many others ) offers a great package.

Makeup Master Class

If you and your girls want to improve on your make up skills , why not hire a makeup artist to come and do a master class for you all. You could even ask your wedding makeup artist to do the job and could tie it in with choosing your final wedding day look. This is something that CWH really enjoy doing with bridal parties, lots of bubbles flowing and new skills unleashed…what’s not to like?


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