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Dunston Hall, Norwich photo by Lis Burke

Favourite Norfolk Wedding Venues

In the UK we are particularly blessed with a plethora of incredible and diverse wedding venues and quite regularly I write about some of the CWH favourites.  Claire has got very exciting plans afoot right now which include expanding her wedding hair and make up business into Norfolk. You may remember at the beginning of […]

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Photo of back view od bridal hair for blonde bride

The Joy Of Bridesmaids!

Ah! Bridesmaids ! Your innermost circle of female buddies, your closest confidantes, your sisters on the road to married life. They’re the ones you can trust in to coo over your gown, ease your agonising over the table décor and mop your brow after a particularly boozy hen night. More on this subject towards the […]

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Stunning bride Sheri

Sussex Barn Wedding Venues

Barn weddings have become hugely popular in recent years and it’s  easy to see why. There are so many different wedding barns available, from romantically rustic to chic and contemporary. Each has its own individual character but what all barn wedding venues have in common is their relaxed and informal atmosphere.  I have picked three […]

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Finishing touches from Holly  courtesy of Kevin Belson

The Miracles of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup, known for its breathable, natural feel, is perfect for this time of year. Unlike traditional makeup products, the best mineral makeup lines are free of preservatives and chemicals — like parabens, dyes and fragrances that can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. I will be writing about Claire’s favourite brand of mineral makeup later in […]

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Bridal happiness Photo courtesy of Rachel Luckhurst

Winter Lipstick Pick Me Ups

Lipstick is a quick fix for adding colour and glamour during the winter months and provides a great pick me up when you are feeling and looking slightly tired. A girl can never have enough lipsticks and there is always a new shade out somewhere for you to try. I will be writing a bit […]

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Beautiful bride Cat photo courtesy of Jenny Rutterford

Winter Nails

The best way to welcome winter as a beauty girl is to update your routine. While curling up with hot cocoa and a heating blanket is an ideal way to skip out on the freezing temperature, some of us still have to venture out into the elements. Dry skin and static-ridden strands are just a […]

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photoof smiloungbride, brunette long hair, head and shoulders photo smiling wearing white lace dress

What Is a Wedding Trial?

We all know that the day of your wedding will be one of the most memorable and cherished days of you life. What we neglect to mention are the months leading up to the big day that are filled with cakes tastings, venue hunting, trips to the florist, engagement shoots, and the list goes on. […]

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photo of bride wearing white and 4 bridesmaids in scarlet

How To Have Glowing Autumn Skin

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter; our skin needs special attention. Summer and winter are two seasons in which extreme environmental factors prevail: the sun, the dry air and the snow can all take their toll on our skin. Spring and autumn, on the other hand, represent the perfect time to renew, to recover […]

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head & shoulders image of blonde, long hair, loose and curly with french pleat and flowers

Tips For Having Fabulous Eyebrows

Claire often gets asked  what she  thinks is the most important part of the face. I’m sure every makeup artist has a different opinion on this, but  she feels it is eyebrows and that seems to surprise a lot of people. Later in this post I will be exploring this subject in a  bit more […]

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Photo from fashion shoot

Amazing Autumnal Lipsticks

I thought this week I would write about the one make up item that can instantly transform  and lift your face – lipstick! As autumn is a time of seasonal change it is a great time to purchase new lippy, whether it be matte , gloss, bold or nude, 2017 has something for everyone. I […]

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Holly kim mup

Spooky Ideas For A Halloween Wedding

Having a wedding around Halloween can be a fun and spooky theme for the event. Planning the perfect Halloween wedding can mean your celebration is one of elegance and autumnal charm or a ghoulish occasion fit for a “monster” bash. Make your All Hallow’s Eve wedding an event to remember by adding your own flair to […]

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Dan and Victorias wedding Bandstand Brighton on 9.09.2017

Have Amazing Hair For Autumn.

The firm  arrival of the autumn season occurs practically simultaneous with new challenges your tresses have to face on a daily basis. It is essential to learn how to prepare your locks for autumn/winter if you want to be able to deal with the new potential problems that the seasonal changes might bring. The arrival of […]

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photo of girl, close up detail of mface, reddosg brown hair shoulder length and pink lipstick

Perfect Foundation For Autumn

Finding the perfect foundation can seem an impossible task – too yellow, too cakey, too oily – but when you do, it is truly a wonderful thing. The correct foundation acts as a canvas for the rest of your make-up, concealing imperfections, unifying skin tone and creating a flawless finish. Autumn is a time when […]

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photo of brunette bride and her blonde toddler daughter

Inspired Ideas for Outdoor Autumn Weddings

Autumn is most definitely  here, but that doesn’t mean that outside entertainment is a no-go when it comes to your wedding. Summer and spring aren’t the only times you can organise an outdoor wedding. Indeed, autumn is a great season for taking your guests outdoors. The scenery is idyllic with colourful trees and the gentle, chilly autumn air […]

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Gorgeous bridal look

Tips For Perfect Autumn Skin

We can’t quite believe it either; it’s that time of year again! I caught myself thinking about winter coats yesterday ; a sure fire sign that autumn is on it’s way. The early morning breeze is beginning to chill ever so slightly and I’m sure you’re already thinking about your winter wardrobe – maybe you’ve […]

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Photo os smiling blonde bride in profile

Hen Parties

Nowadays it would be pretty unheard of to get married and not have a hen party or stag do in order to celebrate the final free moments before you tie the knot. Consequently we’ve heard of some pretty unusual hen party events along the way from perfume creation to go kart racing! But why is […]

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photo of front of blond ebride, close up

Rainy Day Wedding Tips

After the glorious sunshine of the bank holiday, we are well and truly experiencing the changeable nature of British weather at the moment as summer moves slowly but steadily into autumn. This week I am focusing on how to prepare for worst case weather  scenario on you wedding day ……what to do if it rains. […]

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photo pof dark haired smiling bride in profile

Stunning Norfolk Wedding Venues.

In the UK we are particularly blessed with a plethora of incredible and diverse wedding venues and quite regularly I write about some of the CWH favourites.  Claire has got very exciting plans afoot right now which include expanding her wedding hair and make up business into Norfolk. You may remember earlier this year Claire […]

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A gorgeous bride

The Magic of Mineral Make Up

Mineral make up is here to stay. Unlike conventional, liquid foundation, mineral make-up is a powder, made from finely ground minerals. The way it’s put on is also different. You do it with a brush using a circular, buffing motion, a bit like polishing a table, and it has its advantages. Claire is a huge fan […]

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photo of smiling blonde bride

Enchanting Deans Place Wedding

Claire worked at on of her favourite Sussex venues last weekend…. gorgeous Deans Place in Alfriston, more about this stunning venue later. First a few of the fabulous photos sent from our talented team of stylists. Stylists’ Photos Holly Our super talented stylist Holly who works all over the South West of the UK sent […]

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