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Natural Look

This type of make-up is about creating an amazing fresh, dewy, flawless finish, but also allowing the bride to still look and feel like themselves.

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Claire created stunning smokey eyes for Fran

Smoky Eye

For a sexy, smouldering wedding make-up, this finish can work amazingly well, especially if you want to make a feature of your eyes.

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Mineral Makeup

Minerals make life simpler, because they are a foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen all in one, which is UVA and UVB protective.

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Vintage Makeup

Timeless couture and always stunning, not surprising that a number of brides wanted to follow the fabulous vintage theme that has been a great influence for their weddings this year.

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Airbrushed foundation gives a fantastic finish for any bridal make-up look. With the use of high definition cameras, brides love the feeling of confidence that the airbase gives.

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Short Hair

Creating some thing different on short hair for your wedding day can be creative and fun. Depending on your style, short hair can be dressed into a glamorous design to compliment your theme.

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With the wedding of the decade just taken place and Pip Middleton frequently being referenced as one of the most glamorous bridesmaids we can’t help but notice that the bridesmaids hair styles can be simple and gorgeous.

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Vintage Hair

Often with sumptuous curls, reminiscent of a romantic by gone age, vintage hair is specifically prevalent in many wedding hair styles at the moment. Very much thought of as ‘red carpet glamour’ these beautiful hair styles will always retain their place in the top favourites for wedding hair styles.

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