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Dan and Victorias wedding Bandstand Brighton on 9.09.2017

Have Amazing Hair For Autumn.

The firm  arrival of the autumn season occurs practically simultaneous with new challenges your tresses have to face on a daily basis. It is essential to learn how to prepare your locks for autumn/winter if you want to be able to deal with the new potential problems that the seasonal changes might bring. The arrival of a new season always forces us to make certain changes in our routine. This week I am focusing on a few simple tips to help maintain healthy hair

Stylist’s Photos


Elloise is our incredible stylist who lives and works in Sussex.  She worked creating gorgeous hair and make up looks for two lucky bridesmaids last weekend. I love these photos they look so happy and natural, capturing the essence of a perfect wedding day!

Dan and Victorias wedding Bandstand Brighton on 9.09.2017

Dan and Victorias wedding Bandstand Brighton on 9.09.2017

The venue for the wedding was gorgeous Brighton Bandstand. Brighton Bandstand is a wonderful and unique place to hold your wedding ceremony, located on Brighton’s vibrant seafront with stunning views. The Bandstand first opened in 1884 and was restored to its original specification and reopened in 2009.
Wedding and Civil Ceremony Hire at the Bandstand is available as a venue for weddings and ceremonies. Why not mark your special occasion by tying the knot at this unique location?
The ornate architecture is magnificently detailed offering the perfect choice for couples wanting an elegant beachside experience.

Photo of Brighton Bandstand

Brighton Bandstand, photo by Light Trick Photography

Autumn Hair Tips



Typically at the start of each season our body passes through a variety of hormonal changes a thing that affects the way our hair looks as well.That’s why the debut of the autumn season can sometimes be concurrent with hair loss problems. Moreover, because many women like to give themselves a makeover at the beginning of the season, the problems can start to multiply even more, if we don’t have an effective strategy to make the changes we want risk free.
One of the first things we should focus on is repairing the damage that occurred during the summer. Generally, at the end of the summer our tresses are damaged by chlorine, UV rays or excessive heat styling session, becoming drier and more brittle. So, the main focus should be directed towards helping our lovely tresses regain their health. To make our locks stronger we have to use several different approaches. Trimming split ends and maybe opting for a shorter, lower maintenance hairstyle is a good place to start because it makes the entire hair care routine more effective.

Nourishing our hair  is an absolute must. Using a deep conditioner is one of the best ways to nourish the hair. Natural conditioners such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba or home made hair masks tend to work well for all hair types. Places like Lush make great fresh products if you do  it want to make your own Hair Doctor is a great all rounder..Lush Hair Doctor

If going natural when it comes to hair care does not sound very exciting to you and you prefer purchasing conventional conditioners you should make sure that the ingredients do not interfere with the  your colour if you normally dye your hair. Selecting a colour protecting conditioner or asking for advice from your hair stylist as to what would be the best choice for your hair type is a smart thing to do to make sure that your locks receive the best possible care. We are loving this leave in conditioner from Aveda right now.10595572-9174294338800730
Increased atmospheric humidity is one of the biggest problems that this season brings. Those who have naturally curly hair immediately feel the weather changes due to the fact that the frizz problem tends to aggravate even more.

While using deep conditioners such as almond oil is a great step that can reduce part of the problems it is often not enough. Vaseline is a quick solution when you want to tame frizz on the top layers of the hair and you don’t have any other product at hand to help you deal with this problem. Kerastase Discipline Fluidissime Spray is pretty amazing. A keratine complex keeps frizz and humidity at bay, leaving  hair smooth and frizz-free despite a thunderstorm-filled weather forecast.

Kerastase Fluidissime

Kerastase Fluidissime

In autumn our skin tone becomes lighter, so when choosing a new shade it’s important to select one that brings out your eyes. Many hair stylists advise their clients to put a stronger emphasis on their eye colour because it is one of the main factors that influence how good we look with a certain shade. While our skin tones might change various times a year, the colour of our eyes does not so it is often a more reliable indicator of what shade will look best on us.

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